Perks Of The Job


We want our atmosphere to be enjoyable. One of the perks of the job are free refreshments. Whether your preference is coffee, water, tea, french vanilla cappuccino, gatoraid, espresso, cortadito, hot chocolate, or lemonade, you are sure to find it in the kitchen.

Sporting Events

We hold season tickets to local sporting teams. If there's a game you really want to attend, let us know.

Pizza Parties

We like to have the occasional Italian fare delivered to the office for all to enjoy.

Gift Certificates

Don't be surprised to get a gift certificate tossed in your direction when you least expect it.


We occasionally invite team members to join us for field trips to visit partner facilities or industry events. Whether it's in Mexico or the Cayman Islands or elsewhere around the world (or just around the country), there may be an opportunity to travel to a facility or industry event.

Optional Holidays

While we would all love to get paid holidays, our offices are actually open on national holidays because it's a great time to assist patients who are hard to reach on other days. To make it fair for those who work on those days, they are not paid days off. But the good news is that national holidays are optional. If you want to work those days, you're more than welcome to.