About Medical Tourism Agency

We introduce patients to healthcare providers who offer high quality and affordable procedures, provided by reachable and quality physicians. We aim to excel as we advocate for those "3 P's", a principle that we know our patients are seeking: A great "Price", by a great "Physician", and a great "Proximity" to home. We're helping people receive such care, and we love it - it's our passion.

We launch brands in different disciplines of medicine that interest us, as we grow the relationships with the providers who practice those disciplines. To do that, we build the underlying technology that solves technical and demanding workflows. We cultivate relationships with providers, build software around the needs of those relationships, and the result is helping so many people on their journey for health.

Each brand has an intuitive and secure patient portal that takes patients on an easy scheduling path. It allows patients the opportunity to communicate with coordinators, keep track of communication and important documents, and other common uses. The patient portal takes what's a typically a painful scheduling process and makes it easy. It helps collect the information needed in an easy to use and minimally back-and-forth process. Patients should have all their ducks in a row before their procedure. The patient can also fill related forms online through within the portal, as well as check their balance, make a payment, apply for financing, among many other things.

Patients receive the definition of "concierge" service. The process of needing some healthcare intervention, let alone being a medical tourist, can be daunting. We make sure it's not overwhelming by making it easy - through the information gathering process, getting time from work, sourcing the funds, or whatever else the patient needs. We take what is typically a daunting process and turn it to a very smooth and hopefully enjoyable experience. We believe that if it starts good, it'll end good, and so we do all we can to facilitate the best experience possible from the very start.

Medical Tourism Agency focuses on innovative solutions and approaches for medical tourists to travel and receive their care. Using the power of the internet, some phone calls, and maybe some printing, copying, faxing or scanning here and there - we make it easy for the average person to obtain the care and results they're seeking!

Medical Tourism Agency is a member of the exclusive Medical Tourism Association. We're honored to be colleagues with esteemed providers and other ethical facilitators of medical tourism.

We're dedicated to working with professional medical tourism providers, ready with the know-how and capabilities, to promote the most positive patient outcomes possible.

Medical Tourism Association Member