Interview Process

Resume Review

Your resume is usually the first opportunity that you have to impress our recruiters with your general information, education, work experience, as well as your overall presentation skills including organization, grammar, and communication attributes. It's our very first impression of you, so please make sure that you present yourself as best as possible.

Formal Application

If we think your resume makes you a potential candidate for the role, we'll invite you to complete an application. This is an online questionairre that covers a few of the things that we're looking to assess, that you may or may not have included in your resume. You'll answer some specific questions and complete a challenge.

Phone Interview

Once your application has been reviewed, we'll initiate a phone interview. This phone call helps us learn more about your personality, your confidence, as well as gives you a chance to get to know us a bit more as well. It determines if you should be brought in for a face to face interview. We're paying close attention to how you sound on the phone, so be prepared to impress us.

Face-to-Face Interview

We'll schedule you to meet us onsite to get a chance to sit down with a recruiter. This interview gives us a chance to evaluate your skills, problem solving, behavorial abilities, your job knowledge, and also determine (to some degree) your reliability. At the interview, you may be invited back for training if we feel you're a strong candidate.

Corporate Training

Training typically starts on a Monday and lasts two days. Please make sure your schedule can accomodate the day and time you were invited for training. This is the start of a process to determine which candidates who are interested in a career are able to start playing the role. You'll learn a small percentage of the job during this training process, mainly you will learn the inner dynamics and departments of the company and how things flow, as well as start to become familiar with our CRM.


Each day of training, you'll be asked to complete a quiz. The quiz covers topics that were discussed during training. This is a chance for us to learn about your retention skills and ability to grasp new topics. If you do not score well during testing, you won't be extended a position with our company. The candidates who succeed here will have taken a keen interest and paid careful attention during training.

Hire by Committee

We hire by committee and it needs to be unanimous. The people who you interacted with during this whole process will contribute to the hiring decision. We feel it's important to get different perspectives from the people who will be working with you, and ensures that our hiring decision is fair, balanced, and contributes to the cohesion of our team.


The entire process may seem long, and may be a bit frustrating for candidate at times, but it works well for us. After this long interview process concludes, we'll decide your suitability for the position. It may take several weeks for us to decide, so please be patient. Your recruiter will let you know when a decision has been made, but you may get in touch with them at any point during this time.